red Gnome

Krieger on Jack Lessenberry AM 910  - 2018 

a radio interview about my views on Detroit. 

Know Your Nain Rouge - 1968

a video created in 1968 reinforcing the character of the Nain Rouge as a supporter and protector of Detroit.

Detroit's Hidden Gems - 2016

an interview on ABC News about the Nain Rouge and a review of the book "Things I do in Detroit, by the Nain Rouge.".

Digging Detroit - Episode 5​ - 2015

a misunderstood explanation of the Nain Rouge.

Things I do in Detroit by the Nain Rouge, Book Video  - 2017 

a video presentation of the book, Things I do in Detroit.

Interview about the Nain Rouge - 2017

an interview on TV20 / ABC News about the Nain Rouge.

The Other Past - Podcast - #3 Detroit  - 2018

a podcast about Detroit and the Nain Rouge books.